Student Council


Student Council

2016-2017 OFFICERS

President Noemi Nagy
Vice-President Michael Ishak
Secretary Asher Bailey
Treasurer Yoshi Tatsumi

SLE Commissioner Mateus Johnson

Sports Commissioner Isaiah Richardson

Student Relations Commissioner Maya Lecat

Faith & Service Commissioner Colin Yarborough

6th/1st Grade Representative Rocco Rossetto

5th/Kindergarten Representative Ruby Dunsworth

4th/TK Representative Delilah Douglas


Our Student Council members are comprised of leaders within our school community who strive to make Good Shepherd the very best it can be.  Student Council is responsible for conducting service projects, student fundraisers and serving as school representatives for our events.  They must maintain a B average or higher and have excellent conduct marks, with limited tardies/absences.  We applaud our 2016-17 Student Council members for their excellent achievements and dedication to our school!