Participation in athletics at GSBH is an immensely rewarding experience for student-athletes. Through competition, girls and boys learn a multitude of valuable lessons about teamwork, responsibility, leadership, relationships and goal-setting as they grow emotionally, physically and intellectually stronger. Good Shepherd’s athletics program strives to be a shining example of what makes the school a standout among its peers and a rock in the community.

Our intent is to demonstrate that Good Shepherd athletic teams – as well as physical education classes – are a fun, rich and rewarding activity for all students. Sports teams and P.E. classes exist in an atmosphere of positivity and camaraderie with underpinnings of the Catholic faith.

The program always seeks to grow and flourish on a steadily upward trajectory. To that end, a wide offering of sports including Cross Country, Track & Field, Flag Football, Basketball, Soccer, Bowling and Golf helps increase the number of participants in competitive events and provide more opportunities for athletic achievement.

Parental involvement in the athletics program is a vital element at GSBH. Parents are known to lend helping hands by serving as team coaches/assistant coaches and providing the needed support in stirring up interest in athletics as a whole.

The cliche “winning breeds success” can be applicable to the program when students embrace giving their best efforts in practice, on the field and – not to be forgotten – in the classroom. Figuratively speaking, reading playbooks and reading textbooks should go hand-in-hand.  

Finally, Good Shepherd athletics actively incorporates elements of academic enrichment as part of the program’s core value system. The program seeks to Improve study and test-taking skills, for example, by monitoring the academic progress of  student-athletes and providing a support system for those who might need it. At GSBH, maintaining good grades is just as important for student-athletes as scoring goals, sinking baskets or crossing the finish line ahead of everyone else.

“Go, Crusaders, Go!”

Tony Moton, Athletic Director/Coach

Good Shepherd Catholic School