At Good Shepherd it is our focus — and indeed our strength and differentiation — to educate and grow the Whole Child: Mind, Body and Spirit. Though the qualities of our academic and spiritual programs are the most visible hallmarks of our school, our athletic programs are critical components of how we educate your children.

Athletic activities, particularly when properly regulated and in team settings, play a very important role in the development of our youth. The general purpose of our athletic programs, which include fitness and wellness during the school day and organized team sports as extracurriculars, is to help our boys and girls become and remain physically fit, mentally alert and all the while morally grounded. We promote good sportsmanship, respect for rules, self-discipline among team members and competitors, and physical activities that serve to foster integrity, morality and faith within our school, parish and community.

Athletic Director: Jade Holland


  • Education
  • Help raise overall standards
  • Health
  • Increase activity levels
  • Sportsmanship
  • Socialization
  • Create positive attitudes and behavior
  • Citizenship
  • Help develop social responsibility
  • Place value in positive participation, NOT just the winning or losing
  • Physical Development
  • Help improve young people’s confidence in their own abilities
  • Sporting Success
  • Develop pride and improve self esteem

* Fitness and Wellness classes are evaluated on participation, effort and sportsmanship