90th Anniversary


Because there is still so much uncertainty regarding the pandemic, we have sadly decided to cancel our 90th Anniversary Celebration. Under the current conditions, we know that we will not be allowed to host a large gathering without social distancing even in late April.

We want to avoid multiple reschedulings of our event from a planning standpoint for everyone – our committee, our school, our alumni, Rick Caruso our Honorary Chairperson, and our partners.

After we return to the new “normal,” we can revisit the idea of holding an event, perhaps in conjunction with the church’s 100th anniversary (2023).

We would like to thank all of our committee members for their help and support with our planning over the last two years:

    – Danielle Colvert
    – Gerard Florendo
    – Jamie Fries
    – Gessica Guidi
    – Cindy Lindsay
    – Rosanna Marino
    – Conal O’Herlihy
    – Susan Palabrica
    – Lety Perez
    – Victoria Recano
    – Elizabeth Restifo
    – Marzia Rossetto
    – Liz Seccuro
    – Leonor Smallwood
    – Victor Smallwood
    – Jennifer Whitmer

Robert Ng | 90th Anniversary Committee Chairperson (c/o 1980).