Consultative School Board

The School Board assists the principal and pastor by providing advice and counsel, particularly including areas of planning, policy, evaluation, development, communication, and mission enhancement.

The GSBH School Board is currently made up of 8 members (2 current parents and 6 non-parent members):


Freeman Michaels (Board Chair) – Freeman is a current parent, as well as a parent of an alumni. He has been active in the GSBH school community for 14 years. He has extensive background in leadership and team building.

Chris Baron – Chris is a parent of a recent graduate. Chris is a banker with extensive background in non-profit and school financing.

Karen Dunphy – Karen is a Good Shepherd Parish member, who has a grandson at GSBH. She has extensive background in fundraising.

Susan Palabrica – Susan is the parent of a GSBH graduate from 2009. Susan is a marketing and social media expert, who served on the previous board.

Raul Perez – Raul is a parent of two current students. He is a successful attorney who brings legal and procedural perspective to the board. He and his wife are very active in our parish community.

Sr. Virginia Stehly – Sr. Virginia is a vital member of our parish community. She brings a deep love of Catholic Education and a lifetime of dedicated service to Catholic institutions.

Below is a list of current GSBH School Board committees:
Finance (Chris Baron, Committee Chair) – The Finance Committee is responsible for regularly reviewing financial reports and documents related the school. This committee makes recommendations to help steward the school’s financial decisions to help ensure its financial stability.

Building and Grounds (Freeman Michaels, Committee Chair) – The Building and Grounds Committee reviews plans, bids and costs for capital improvements as well as routine and deferred maintenance. This committee makes recommendations related to construction and maintenance of the school.

Marketing, Public Relations and Social Media (Susan Palabrica, Committee Chair) – This committee is responsible for reviewing the social media, marketing and public relations efforts of the school.

Executive Committee (Freeman Michaels, Committee Chair) – The Executive Committee reviews items that may be relevant to the board. This committee is an interface between the school board and the school administration.

Development Committee (Karen Dunphy, Committee Chair) – The Development Committee explores fundraising and other ways of securing the financial future of the school.