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We ask the cooperation of all families in fulfilling dress code and grooming regulations. Unless otherwise announced, the school uniform is to be worn on all school days. Grooming regulations include (but are not limited to) the following:


  • All uniforms should be neat, clean and ironed.
  • No torn or ragged uniforms or shoes will be allowed.
  • Absolutely no make-up, fingernail polish, acrylic nails, jewelry, accessories (including wallet chains and excessive hair clips) or dangling earrings are permitted.
  • Girls may only wear stud-type earrings on the ear lobe. Boys may not wear earrings.
  • No extreme or fad haircuts are allowed on boys or girls. Hair must be of the natural color.
  • Boys’ hair must be off the face and may not cover the ears or touch the collar of the shirts. The administration reserves the right to determine what constitutes an extreme haircut.
  • No hats, visible body piercing or tattoos (permanent or semi-permanent) are allowed.
  • If an additional shirt is necessary under your uniform shirt, ONLY white tops are allowed.
  • Only in an emergency or on non-uniform days are students to come to school in non-uniform dress. (In case of emergency, a note will be required from the parents.)

Spirit Dress

T-shirt with logo in the class spirit color with denim or black jeans, all-black, non-canvas sneakers for boys and all-white, non-canvas sneakers for girls. If needed, uniform outerwear is to be worn with Spirit Dress.

Out of Uniform Days

Days on which the students may wear dress other than the school uniform are considered a privilege. Students are expected to adhere to good grooming and neatness on these days. No oversized or baggy clothes, torn clothing, tank tops, spaghetti straps, tube tops, bare midriff tops, shorts other than walking length shorts, hats or T-shirts with inappropriate slogans may be worn. Shoes must be appropriate for Fitness class and recess. A student will lose the privilege of non-uniform dress if he or she disregards the above regulations. When there is a question, the appropriateness of the attire will be decided by the administration and parents will be called to bring appropriate clothing.

At no time may a student wear open-toe shoes, shoes without straps, shoes with buckles or boots as part of the uniform. Shoes with wheels are not allowed.







Our uniform supplier is Lands’ End.  To place your order, simply find Good Shepherd Catholic School under the site’s uniforms tab, (direct link here).  For your reference, our preferred school number is: 900155102, you may also search by school name and city.  Once you have found Good Shepherd, create a profile for each student; selecting whether you’re shopping for your son or daughter, as well as the grade they will be going into.  This will give you a full list of each required and optional item approved for school.  Checking the “save to my account for future visits” will enable you to go straight to your child(ren)’s specific uniform items each time you login to your Land’s End account.

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