Juliet Bertolucci


Born and raised in Los Angeles, Julie Bertolucci is the proud product of a Catholic school education, having graduated from Saint Paul the Apostle in Westwood and Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks. This is Ms. Bertolucci’s first year at Good Shepherd. She completed her undergraduate degree in Social Work and Human Development and Family Science at the University of Arkansas and will earn her Master’s degree in Special Education from George Mason University in December. Ms. Bertolucci was previously a behavior therapist where she shadowed children with autism and related developmental delays at school. She was their one-on-one behavior support and helped them socially and behaviorally in the classroom. Ms. Bertolucci believes that all children have gifts and choose to open them at their own time. Her #1 goal is for the children to be learning and have fun while doing it. Outside of the classroom, Ms. Bertolucci enjoys baking. cooking, and discovering new foods! She also loves finding new donut shops. Besides food-related activities, she is an essential oil mentor and loves to educate people about essential oils and their physical, emotional, and mental therapeutic properties.